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Radovan is a professional business leader, author, and Managing Director of multinational companies. A self-leader, and leader of others, corporate trainer, public speaker, entrepreneur, and investor. An Executive MBA graduate from the University of Sheffield (listed as one of TOP 100 universities worldwide). Specialized in the fields of leadership, management, finance, marketing, and network marketing. His works and contributions have changed more than two industries in Macedonia. Besides being the author of the best-selling book 'Awakening Consciousness', Radovan is spiritually awakened and creative being that for many years has been on the road to personal excellence. He believes in continuous development in both business and private life. His work aims to inspire positive transformation in the collective consciousness and he strives towards supporting the general well being of our society.



My Book

The book Awakening Consciousness is a guide for personal and collective transformation. It is an adventure intertwined with universal knowledge that will enable you to get to know yourself truly, to awake and create consciously.

We all have a purpose, and if we all fulfill it with love and joy, the world would be a wonderful place to live and work in, where every individual, inspired by their own magnificence, will contribute toward the overall compassion, peace and love. In this process of awakening, we slowly rid ourselves of our personal pain and fear. As we heal, the entire humanity will heal as well. The principles that we expound in the book have been tried and proven as effective methods to achieve the next level of consciousness. They are now available to you, and if you accept them and practice them daily, they will help you achieve a new level of consciousness, become an efficient channel of the universe, and live your life by your own design.

We would like to invite you to join us to develop together this idea of awakening consciousness. We would like you to take a good look inside yourself, to discover your true yearning, to create reality by your own design and to become pure love.


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Corporate Trainer

Countless hours spent on developing your team will create you an asset of a lifetime. A smart fellow once said, a company is not the registration paper you keep in your office desk, but the people that support you and accepted your vision. We are nothing without a good team of people. Making your people feel happy and fulfilled while on the road to success, will make your customers happy, and this will brings true value to your organization.


"We have only one job to do during the day, and that is to focus on our emotions and energy"

Radovan Vitosevic

Awakening Consciousness



Life of Freedom


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