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Radovan Vitosevic CEO

Radovan Vitosevic invited in Krakow as Public Speaker

Radovan Vitoseivc is a CEO, Entrepreneur, Author, and Public Speaker. Known for leading an international company and authoring a best-seller personal development book.

Professional business leader, author, and CEO of multinational companies. Manager of the Year up to 40 awarded by Men of the Year 2020 and Business Excellence 40 under 40 awardees.
A self-leader, leader of others, corporate trainer, public speaker, entrepreneur, and investor. An Executive MBA graduate from the University of Sheffield (listed as one of the TOP 100 universities worldwide) and scholarship winner for Doctor of Business Administration studies at the Key West University of Florida, granted by the Moscow University for Finance and Law. Chartered Manager specialized in leadership, management, finance, and marketing.

Radovan Vitosevic on stage as CEO of myWorlrd International AG

Elite Seminar | Germany 2023

30,000 audience

Elite Seminar | Krakow 2022

15,000 audience

Sales Seminar | Lisbon 2023

1,000 audience



Public speaker and corporate trainer 

Organized over a hundred events and been a speaker to thousands of people in more than dozen of countries.


The book Awakening Consciousness is a guide for personal and collective transformation. It is an adventure intertwined with universal knowledge that will enable you to get to know yourself truly, to awake and create consciously.


Over 15 years of professional experience in international leadership


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